Assessing an idea and choosing the matching technology.

Aquarese’s technical center offers the possibility to validate or invalidate an idea, to assert the feasibility of an operation, to determine the socio-economic parameters of a solution, in other words to prepare the innovation that is meant to guarantee the quality and performance of the high-pressure solutions implemented through time.
Aquarese’s teams of engineers and technical means are available to their clients to prepare and secure tomorrow’s innovations.


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As these operations are often conducted in close collaboration with the client, they are based on precise preliminary agreements regarding confidentiality limits and shared information.
Once the solution has been found out, it is then validated and implemented by Aquarese’s production department.
A few examples of the subjects dealt with by Aquarese’s teams: Large thickness super alloy machining, optical glass polishing, ultra-hard deposit stripping, titanium skin drilling, automotive glass cutting…
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