Getting parts available promptly, producing before investing.
Aquarese provides series or off-loading solutions for the production of prototypes.
This production is carried out on a pool of machines designed by Aquarese and a team of 8 persons. Production is performed 24/7 offering an optimal reactivity and a significant production capacity.


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With over 20,000 hours of production per year, Aquarese’s production center allows the implementation of logistics, quality and control based means matching the most demanding requirements of its clients.
This service offered by Aquarese meets the clients’ requirements immediately, provides a particular support on the way to an investment in a new solution, or supplementing an existing production capacity.

Provided with numerous capabilities and capacities spread on over 1,500 m² (numerous high-pressure multi-process production means, 3D Control…), see below for a few samples of subcontracted operations treated by Aquarese’s teams for our clients:
•    Waterjet cutting
•    Large thickness water-jet machining
•    Coatings stripping and blasting
•    Super alloy drilling
•    Casting piece knock-out
•    Core removal
•    Deburring
•    …


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