Nicolas joined Aquarese in 2005 as an industrial designer, and is now a project manager. His best memory? His trip to India for an automobile industry client. His professional expectation? “Let Aquarese carry on developing so that he can keep learning!”

After his undergraduate diploma in Mechanical engineering and Computer-integrated-manufacturing and first jobs that did not match his expectations, Nicolas answered a recruiting agency offer: industrial designer at Aquarese.

_DSC0307 IHM-NicocarreNicolas, project manager

His mission: to elaborate from 3D diagrams supplied by a projector a detailed plan indicating the measurements of the various parts to be machined, as well as the general layout showing how to assemble the machine.

Thanks to this job, he can give his projects a wider development.



“Thanks to someone’s retirement I could change mission and become a purchasing agent”. Owing to his former job, he became the interface between the engineering and design department and the part suppliers (boilermakers, machinists…).

After four years, his competencies and his good interpersonal skills incited him to evolve towards new responsibilities. He decided to resume further-education engineering studies for two years thanks to a DIF (Further Education Plan) and he then came back to Aquarese as a graduate to become a project manager.

He has become a relay to the commercial team and he has now acquired an overall view of all Aquarese solutions, from the designing of machines to their commissioning.

What he likes best at Aquarese?


« Learning more every day! Evolving in a small business grants you with some autonomy in terms of innovation and the implementation of new processes in the firm. I am currently thinking of the way I could keep enriching the relationship I have developed with my clients. My job is nothing like a compartmentalized one. It lets me meet all the industrial positions, from the manager to the technician (and even the accountant!) at the suppliers’ as well as at the clients’ ”.

What piece of advice would you give to someone who would like to do the same job? “Listen to other people, be flexible, curious. The sky is about the only limit to that job”.

Far from going round in circles at Aquarese, Nicolas keeps his first trip abroad to Chennai in India as his best memory. He went there for the commissioning of several machines designed for the automobile industry: 2 deburring (DBR) and one flushing machines…

Aged 34, Nicolas has not yet been round the world and has not yet been round all the jobs at Aquarese. His future is ahead of him and will let him discover the richness of all of them.

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