Michel applied for a job at Aquarese in 1989. His post as a mechanic had him discover the Service department, for which he had a passion all along his career for the diversity of the missions as well as for the close relationship with clients. And he is still there, after more than 25 years! Today, just a few months before he retires, he is ready to transmit his long experience and tells about his career path.

Keeping off the beaten track

When Michel is asked about what he liked along his career path, he mentions diversity first: « It is the opportunity to learn new processes as well as the openness of the company to various markets (Aeronautics, Automobile, Nuclear,).

AQ-PortraitMichelAs a maintenance technician, Michel’s mission is to perform the maintenance operations as perfectly as possible, to fabricate and install the high-pressure components at the clients’. His job consist in training people to maintain either the machines installed at the clients’ or with new collaborators at Aquarese. He carries out the maintenance of all high-pressure equipment and the manufacturing and installation of special components.

His mission is anything but routine and has made him take up many challenges, particularly in the Defense and Nuclear fields… What he mentions as his best professional memory is: “Being close to clients and a spirit of adventure, with interventions on navy submarines being maintained, for instance, or in the course of dismantling operations on a nuclear site!”

To those who wish to do the same job, he evokes the ability to listen and curiosity: “Never leave a client without having found a solution to their problem!”

Today, Michel is gradually preparing for his retirement, transmitting all his experience to younger technicians and clients. He hopes to get the opportunity to be back sometimes to provide his assistance or advice to those who will carry on writing Aquarese’s history after him.


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