Aquarese specializes in waterjet cutting and various Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) processes in France and on an international scale. We design solutions to multiple industrial applications: Waterjet Cutting and Machining, Drilling, Stripping, Blasting, Core Removal, Knock-Out, Deburring, Autofrettage, Flushing…

Aquarese joined Shape Technologies Group in 2016 to pursue its international expansion with ambition and enthusiasm.




Shape Technologies Group, Inc (SHAPE) delivers innovative manufacturing process solutions to customers spanning 100 countries and a broad array of industries. As the world leading provider and inventor of waterjet, SHAPE has become a strategic ecosystem of companies providing material processing and surface preparation, automated assembly, robotic motion systems, material handling, software, process control, aftermarket parts, and comprehensive support to our customers.



Our governance relies both on a project gathering a managing team and strongly involved shareholders.

The continuous evolution of our project is based on a “Vision” qualified approach in which collaborators, clients, suppliers and partners participate actively.


2012-2022 Vision

Aquarese’s mission: “To contribute to the performance of industry in France and across the world through the development and mastery of innovative manufacturing processes”




Our triple ambition is:

Offering Aquarese’s expertise, solutions and services means elaborating the most qualitative, the most appropriate and the most performing  solution. In order to be able to provide the suitable solution, Aquarese keeps innovating throughout all its processes and services.

At Aquares’s experiencing performance is part and parcel of our collective project as well as of individual career paths. Each of our collaborators is driven by the transmission of know-hows as well as by the company’s values.

Aquarese seeks each of its clients’ satisfaction and recognition. Our influence makes for our continuous development beyond borders.


 A few key-references and figures

1988 : The company is created by 3 ENSAM graduate engineers

Over 25 years of experience and development in Ultra High Pressure processes

80 collaborators

4 departments : Engineered Systems, Advanced Services, Advanced Production, Advanced Development Lab

75% of our turnover is achieved in the aeronautics, automobile and defense industries

A 9 million euro annual turnover, 50% of which is exports.

2016: Integration in the Shape Technologies Group along with Flow

Acceleration of international development


Quality Management

At Aquarese’s, the culture of a quality-based management is a reality that strongly impacts each project implemented. Today, the company can pride itself on a mature quality management matching the most demanding requirements of the contractors from the very specialized sectors in which Aquarese is present.

Aquarese’s quality record is delivered by Bureau Veritas and complies with both ISO9001 and EN9100 standards

AQ-ISO9001          AQ-EN9100

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