High-pressure processes offer many assets to most industrial sectors (Automotive, Agri-food…), to which Aquarese has been providing solutions since its creation. Since then, Aquarese has been implementing those processes and conducting R&D studies in order to meet the needs of key industrial sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, Defense or Energies.

This sector, international in scope, is in high demand for differentiating technologies. Aquarese has been identified as one of the world’s references in the fields of waterjet cutting and other high-pressure waterjet processes.
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Whether for designing and developing solutions or for subcontracting, Aquarese goes along with the major European Defense actors.
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Aquarese provides extremely productive and reliable solutions matching the automotive sector’s requirements totally: production rates, quality, traceability.
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For 25 years, Aquarese has acquired and developed a solid experience in HP processes, providing new applications covering all industrial sectors.
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