Specialized in waterjet machining of highly-engineered products, mainly for aerospace Majors and Subcontractors, Aquarese benefits from the strong growth of this market.
The strategy to offer global solutions for specific applications is reinforced by new contracts both in France and Internationally: Already 9 WJM – Aquarese’s latest innovation – will be delivered in 2016 to Aerospace customers. 

The market is looking for turnkey solutions.

The aviation market is booming: Aircraft & Engine Manufacturers have received massive orders. These majors rely on their supply-chain that needs to invest in efficient industrial processes in order to deal with increasing volumes of production.
The WJM is a Full 3D – 6500 Bar waterjet machine designed for the production of highly engineered products in advanced materials: titanium blisks, composite blades…
Flexible and efficient, the WJM answers the specific requirements of the aerospace industry: automation, specific CAM software & process-monitoring software, and fixtures dedicated to the customers’ products. These features maximize both the availability of the machines and their performance.

Local Support is essential.

Significant investments are being made. In this delicate phase, our customers expect our commitment to provide them with competitive solutions both in the short and the long terms.
We are making considerable efforts to organize local support (commercial and technical), especially in the USA and in Asia.
We are investing to serve durably the performance of our customers all over the World.
The WJM’s assets : 24/7 Production, Full 3D – 6500 bars Waterjet Cutting