Manufacturers are looking at productivity gains in order to match delivery requirements and improve competitiveness. For its various clients, mainly in the aerospace sector, Aquarese has set up a preventive maintenance plan allowing to optimize the availability rate of their waterjet cutting machines which helps enhance the productivity of the business.

AQ-MaintenancePic-ssAquarese’s machines are designed for the aeronautics customers and are integrated into production lines including several other processes: comprehensive industrial units combining the partners’ whole know-how and experience. Ruggedness and stability have to be guaranteed at each stage to ensure the highest quality throughout the production cycles. It is all the more so for Aquarese’s machines which run 24/7. They have been designed for this intensive use without any interruption or accident disrupting production for several dozen hours.



In such a context, it is unthinkable to rely on a curative maintenance strategy. Aquarese, together with its client, has thus set up a 3-year preventive maintenance plan, with incident-totalizing indicators for committing economic and continuous improvement objectives. The plan defines the client’s maintenance staff’s and Aquarese’s team’s roles according to the required skills.

AQ-MaintenancePic2-ssThanks to such a plan the client’s business has eventually increased the availability rate of their machines and enhanced its reliability, cut repair costs and maintenance teams’ schedules, most incidents being possibly anticipated through the real-time control of the machine. This method enables Aquarese to know about the performance of components on a long-term basis (component deterioration, wear, obsolescence) and to improve its systems permanently.




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