Aquarese has won the Innovation Award in the Machine-Tools category at Simodec 2016, the International bar turning & screw-cutting machine tool show.

The winning innovation relates to DBR – high pressure deburring machines and consists in a 2nd Robot dedicated to indexing and handling the part: it picks the part from the conveyor and shows it in front of the camera.

Thanks to image-processing software, the area where the burrs are located is recognized and the handling robot properly indexes the part in order to transmit to deburring robot.

This one shows the area to process to High Pressure oil-jet/waterjet.
This “Productivity Module” is an example of inter-robot collaboration that improves the productivity by 30%.

With a capacity of processing up to 5 million pieces per year, the DBR solutions offer many advantages such as deburring hardly accessible areas, improving the part cleanliness and preserving straight angles and surface quality.

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